The Magic Thief Wiki

Spells are words of the Language of Magic. Spells can work two ways, either by a Locus Magicalicus or using Pyrotechnics. Spells are used by wizards, and can manifests in many different ways. Spells are often written in grimoires.

List of Spells

Minnervas: Warmth in the Language of Magic. Summons warmth.

Lothfalas: Light in the Language of Magic, summons light from the Locus Magicalicus.

Sessamay: An opening spell for one of the gates in the secret tunnels under the river. Other gate-opening spells: Zhenray. Marraray. Elentay. Felennay.

Tumbriltumbrilulartambefranjevaneekhoutenfranjelickavanfranjelocarfranjelilfraajellumiolendilartarkolillilotarkolilotar-kennan: The embero spell. Spell for changing human person into characteristic creature.Warning: very dangerous, not to mention illegal.

Atiran-nenalelonvananwennewnanavnolelanen-naritA: The remirrimer spell. Used for making a simulacrum. Must be pronounced backward and forward.

Se-ecla-enlallilionavarshenvar: Scrying globe spell, called anstriker. Activated by pronoucing at the end of the spell the true name of person being escried for.

Caromdathram-madramcadramdom: Thunderstorm spell. Brings rain, thunder, lightning. Dangerous, illegal.

Nathgrazmatraklyolellnyagraz: Spell for turning slowsilver into darksilver. Very dangerous, toxic, illegal, has corrupting effect on locus magicalicus.