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Rowan Forestal is the daughter of Willa Forestal, and the current duchess of Wellmet. She is also Conn's best friend


Rowans Description on the website is as follows:

A tall, slender girl of around fifteen, with short red hair and gray eyes. She is very intelligent with a good, if dry, sense of humor. She is easily bored by high society parties, which is a problem because she is the daughter of the duchess. At the Academicos, she takes apprentice classes although she is not an apprentice, and is very interested in studying swordcraft.


She is very brave, and quick to protect people that she is close to, both with words and her sword. She has a great passion for swordcraft, and is quite good at it.

She tends to be curious, and is willing to follow Conn during his various tasks, and asks questions about what he is doing. She takes the apprentice class at the Academicos, as she must know about magic for when she is Duchess.

In the Books[]

Rowan was Conn's first friend his age. She would tutor Conn and taught him to read. In Lost she went to Desh to investigate the shadows. She was very diplomatic, though she did storm Jaggus's fortress in the desert along with Conn and Captain Kerrn. When her mother fell ill, Rowan took over many duties of the Duchess and when her mother died, Rowan was the Duchess at age 16.