Vital statistics
Title Embrewing
Gender M
Race Twilight's underlord
Faction {{{faction}}}
Health handicapped
Level unknown
Status Affilations- Rowan
Location Twilight

Embre, or Embrewing, is one of the characters that appears in the second book of the Magic Thief series. He is Connwaer's cousin and the Twilight's under lord after his father, Crowe, was exiled. He refers to Conn as the Twilight's wizard. Embre is one of the protagonists of the Magic Thief, fighting to keep the city safe.

Family background

He is the son of Crowe and revealed to Conn that he is the Under lord. Embre was reluctant to help Conn at first, thinking he was wanting to steal the underlord position.

Since Conn and him come from a family of black birds, Embre is also named after a black bird, known as an embrewing.

Throughout book 2, 3, and 4, he helps Conn and Rowan save and protect the city.


It is hinted in the fourth book that Rowan starts developing feelings for Embre, and Embre does also. One examples includes in a meeting where Conn must go he notices Rowan blushing when Embre touches her hand.

At the end of the book, Embre and Rowan stand next to each other at the ceremony and she also blushes when he says something. Conn refers to it as a "new friendship, or whatever is making her checks red when he's around her."